Jonathan Garrett (jonathangarrett) wrote,
Jonathan Garrett


Last month we came exceedingly close to purchasing a house back in Fla. The place was nice enough--a Colonial Revival built in 1953. But it was the land we were after: a one acre lot with dozens of azaleas and mature pines, and a cabana in the back with ceiling fans. It was gorgeous. We offered pretty much the full asking price.

Unfortunately the owner, who was selling it himself, was an unbelievable jerk from start to finish. I did not want to give him my money so much as dispossess him of his property. We agreed on price, closing terms, closing date, everything. Except that when it came to singing the standard disclosure form, he wrote "don't know" to every question, including whether or not the house had ac or heat, how old it was, etc. It was a big F-U. The next day he sent a message saying "the house is sold to someone else," and that was that.

The thing is, I suspect part of his being such a jerk is that he knew we lived in California. Thus, in my attempt to leave California, I am unable to do so because the person on the other end doesn't want to sell to someone from California.
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