Jonathan Garrett (jonathangarrett) wrote,
Jonathan Garrett


It was seven p.m.

My daughter crouched in the tub, facing toward the drain, happily splashing her hands in the sudsy water.

She stopped splashing and put her hands at her side. A faraway look came into her eyes.

I knew what was coming.

I pulled the drain plug and yanked her toys from the water.

She sighed. She held her breath.

I watched the water draining. Draining.

She grunted.

I watched the water draining. Draining.

For it is one thing to have your daughter poop in an empty tub.

And another if the tub is full of swirling water.

That your daughter is standing in.

That she likes to splash in.

I watched the water draining. Dropping.

A little tornado circled the drain.

The water began to recede at her feet.

I said a little prayer. The parents' prayer. An ancient prayer.


It was over.

I lifted her free and put her in a towel.

An Easter miracle.
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